Disc Brakes or Drum? Which Functions the Best?

Like any other technology over the pats few decades, brake mechanics have continued to improve. Through the introduction of components such as lightweight steel and carbon fiber, vehicles have become safer and stopping distances reduced. The early 1970’s saw the first major improvements in brake technology with the introduction of disc brakes. Initially only the front wheels were fixed with the discs as that is where the majority of a car’s stopping power lies. The rear wheels continued to have the traditional drum brakes. If you don’t know the difference don’t worry, that will be explained shortly! Most cars these days generally have all four wheels fitted with disc brakes, though in some cases manufacturers revert to the old setup of having drum brakes in the rear. This cuts both the production price and the cost to consumers. It is generally agreed though that disc brakes perform better than the older drum version, but why is this? Heat and Friction In order to understand the difference between disc and drum brakes it’s important to know a few basic principles about how each functions, namely heat and friction. When you press down the brake pedal of your car, resistance is applied to the moving wheels and friction and consequently heat are generated. The difference between disc and drum brakes rests in the speed and efficiency with which the brake system...

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Does Your Home Owner’s Insurance Cover Your Home Business As Well?

More and more people are developing home-based businesses these days; either to earn a bit of extra income, or as their primary source. Many however are making the mistake of not checking to see if their current insurance coverage is adequate for both home and business. This could be fatal for both, especially if you have clients visiting your home for business purposes. One unforeseen accident and subsequent lawsuit could wipe out most small businesses, and if you don’t have the correct coverage, your home along with it! What To Consider If you’re operating a home-based business, you’re most likely to have at least a few pieces of business equipment. These could be your computer and printer, paper supplies etc.; but if your small business involves fabrication or manufacturing of some sort, such as a sign painting business or small crafts operation, you may have special machinery as well as costly materials to consider. Some home insurance policies may cover things like a computer or printer, but special machinery and materials are most probably not. Check with your insurance provider to see if these items can be incorporated into your existing policy or if you need a separate one for your business equipment and supplies. If your home business is based at your house, or even if you have an office and only work from home occasionally, you will...

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Taking a Road Trip This Summer? Here’s a Handy Checklist to Ensure Your Journey is a Safe One.

Winter can be as hard on our cars as is it is on us! Dirty, slushy, salted roads can cause rusting and other structural damage, while the freezing temperatures give our engines a royal workout. A spring cleaning is fine, but your automobile needs more than that before it’s ready for a road trip. Whether you take it to a professional or do it yourself, these the following recommendations will help to keep you, your family, and your car safe and secure as you enjoy your holiday fun. Check Tires Tires get worn, dried out, and cracked over time, and many blowouts occur for this reason which can be easily remedied. Check your tires and look for cracking or worn treads, If they are in good condition, make sure they are inflated with the manufacturers air pressure recommendation. Make sure you check your spare tire as well! Test Air Conditioning As you know, it gets pretty hot in this are during the summer, and if you’re headed west or south, you’ll want to make sure you can keep cool! Check to make sure the compressor for your air conditioning system is in working order and that it blows cold air. If not you mat need more refrigerant. Check Coolant Levels Keeping ourselves cool is important, but it’s important to keep our auto cool as well. Make sure your coolant...

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5 Tips for Finding and Fixing Costly Air Leaks in Your Home

A bit drafty in certain areas of your home? This could be because of costly air leaks. Springtime is an excellent time of year to perform and air sealing project. It is often warm enough not to need heating, and cool enough not to need air conditioning. Finding and fixing air leaks now will ensure your home is efficiently cooled in the summer, and heated during the winter months. Here are 5 excellent tips for finding and fixing them! 1. Start by checking basements, attics and crawl spaces for cracks or broken seals around windows and ducting that may be admitting cold air. 2. Consider conducting a smoke test. This is done by shutting all windows and doors on a windy day, and then turning off all your appliances. You then light a stick of incense and hold in near areas where leaks might occur. If the smoke blows in or gets sucked out, even if it moves erratically back-and-forth, this is a common sign of an air leak. 3. Insulating your attic is one of the most effective ways to protect against air leakage and keep energy costs down. One of the most common, and easy areas to start is with open stud cavities; the are between to parallel studs. Fiberglass insulation is great for this. 4. The seals around cellar and basement window frames are often neglected...

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What You Need to Know about Roof Repair Scams In The Salt Lake City Area

Spring has arrived and with it spring rains and thunderstorms. It also seems like roof repair scams are also out in full force now as well. Some of them can be quite convincing and talk homeowners into getting their roof fixed quickly and handing over their money. The result is the roof is never repaired or repaired poorly and they pocket the money, never to be seen from again. The Sell Most of these scams begin with someone coming to your door, offering to do a free check of your roof. Of course, it needs repaired and they offer to do it for a lower cost – as long as you give them a down payment right now. They can’t wait for you to talk to your homeowner’s insurance company or to think about it. They must lock in the deal right now or you’ll have to pay a higher cost. These high-pressure tactics force many people to say “yes” when they should really say “no.” Many of them have no intention to do the work, while others are unlicensed and will make shoddy repairs so that they can pocket most of the money. It can be difficult to recognize the scam artists because they will have their business cards and maybe even a logo on their truck. Some are legitimate “handymen” or repairmen, but they do low-quality work....

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